Airevale United Reformed Churches

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What We Believe

Christianity is a world-wide faith of people who follow Jesus Christ. The millions of members express that belief through various denominations and styles of worship (in some cases, it is only that style of worship that separates us). The commonality is that the all follow Jesus of Nazareth who was born about 2000 years ago. He started travelling around the area we now know as Israel when he was about 30 and attracted a sizeable following with his preaching and miracles. The faith based on His life and teaching is a faith of love, peace, truth and forgiveness.

He took the Old Testament commandments of God, written down by Moses and followed by the Jews then (and now) and re-interpreted them as two simple Commandments:-
Love God and Love your neighbour as yourself.
After about three years of his preaching and teaching, he was arrested and  executed by the Roman authorities which controlled the region at that time. As Christians, we believe that on the third day, He came back to life and after spending some time with his followers, ascended in Glory, to God His Father in Heaven. This is a brief outline of His life and there will be further information in the “Bible” section.

Our faith inspires us in the tenets of love, peace, truth and forgiveness. Christians have played a central role in confronting injustice throughout history. William Wilberforce was probably the loudest of many Christian voices against slavery. In more modern times, Christianity has been the driving force behind
MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY to improve aid to the world’s poor.

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