Airevale United Reformed Churches

Brotherton - Castleford - Knottingley


What to expect when you visit us

You will receive a warm welcome. The people on the door will greet you and be pleased to answer any questions. There is no need to bring a Bible or hymn book, as you will be given these  on your arrival. You will not be singled out in any way, or asked to stand before the congregation or made to come forward. You will simply be worshipping God with the rest of us. If you don’t feel ready to participate in the service, you can come and simply watch and listen to what happens. There are no set places for anyone to sit, so you may want to sit at the back at see everything that goes on.  Once you have been a few times, you may wish to join in with the rest of the congregation.

Regular Services

On Sundays, Knottingley services are usually at 10.00am, Castleford at 11.00am and Brotherton at 3.00pm. These services  are of a traditional nature, but there is usually at least one Alternative Worship Service every few months at either Knottingley or Castleford at 7.30pm Further details of all services are in the individual Church sections and details of the Alternative Worship services will also appear in the News section. Additional services are held in one or more of the group churches at special times of the Christian year – Easter, Pentecost and Christmas – and further details of these will appear in the NEWS section.


You don’t have to dress up to come to church. Wear whatever you are comfortable in. What you wear isn’t important, it’s the fact that you are there.

The Service

The Airevale Group consists of the three churches URC Churches in Brotherton, Castleford and Knottingley and services are conducted by Elders of the Church or by a Lay Preacher in the area. You will be given a hymn book on arrival and details of which hymns will be on a board near the pulpit. Readings from the New International Version of The Bible or the Good News Bible are also detailed on a board. Whilst each of the preachers has their own distinctive style, all the services include the singing of four or five hymns, the readings from the Bible, prayers at the beginning and near the end of the service, a collection and a sermon.

You will know when the service is about to begin when the door to the vestry opens and a small group of Elders precede the preacher. At this point, the congregation will rise to greet them and will also rise to sing any hymns, and also after the collection has been taken.

As with many non-conformist churches, the congregation is seated for prayers, except after the collection has been taken and for the Grace, or Benediction, at the end of the service.

There is a Communion service in each of the churches once a month. Unlike the Anglican and Roman Catholic  services, we do not go forward to an Altar Rail, but servers bring the bread and wine to each member of the congregation. All then partake together. Whilst we welcome everyone into Communion and you do not need to be a member of any church to participate, if you do not wish to, then just politely decline the bread and wine when offered. At the end of the service, the preacher will come through the church and greet you either then or at the door.

Brotherton Church is on the Old Great North Road at WF11 9EP

Castleford is on Carlton Street at WF10 1DB

Knottingley is on The Croft at WF11 9BL

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