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Brotherton - Castleford - Knottingley

The first record of the church in Brotherton was as a Ebenezar Independent in 1838. Over the years, the size of the village has dwindled. Shortly after WWII, a lot of the village was demolished and a new estate was built in the adjoining village of Byram some ¾ mile away. The two villages were separated by the A, locally known as the Great North Road. At that time, there was a strong congregation which supported a Sunday School of up to 60 youngsters and also a youth club and choir.

Unfortunately, due to people moving away from the village for work, numbers attending the last Methodist Chapel closed in the late 1970s . The drain of people away from the village has continued and in spite of support from Knottingley and Castleford churches, it was inevitable that the URC Church would also close. Thanks must be given to Bryan Greenwood for carrying on so long.

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