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With the retiral of our Minister, Rev’d Gill Brown, we have changed this page from “Minister’s Message” to “Message from the Pulpit”. The message will generally be something from one of the Elders or lay Preachers at one of the Churches. Occasionally, I may publish an interesting story I have found myself. I will also introduce a “Message from the Pulpit” archive page where old messages will still be available and it will appear here. The first message is one I found and wish to share with you.

Best wishes from the webmaster - Eric.

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I have been meaning to write this for some time in answer to Eric’s plea for newsletter items, so here goes.

I have many hymns that I like. Some for words, some for tunes and some because they have marked memorable events in my life. So, I have chosen just eight that I would probably take to a desert island – at least there I could sing them without annoying anyone who is musical!

1 I cannot tell why He whom Angels worship. I like this for both the words and music – the words because they say much about how my faith is – there is an awful lot we don’t know, but so much we can be sure of. The tune because it is the Londonderry Air and it links with my love of all things Folk.

2 Father I place into your hands. I like this one because, again, it tells us to trust in God and He will look after us.

3 O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder. Not my “all time favourite”, but because it has had such a wide history and came originally from Russia and has travelled and talks about walking and looking down from mountain tops.

4 Be known to us in breaking bread. This time really for the music. The tune is Belmont set in Congregational Praise and other older books to By Cool Siloam’s Shady Rill. This brings back memories of my childhood. My mother was a great fan of Glasgow Orpheus Choir and we often listened to them singing this on a Sunday Evening on the radio – I have it on a CD at home.

5 Loved with everlasting love. I just like this. It is gentle and talks again about trust and belonging. I have not long discovered it and was beginning to think that with 70 odd years of hymns I couldn’t find any more good ones.

6 Immortal love for ever full. This is by John Greenleaf Whittier, an American Quaker. I discovered him as a hymn writer many years ago. He was basically a poet and wrote many verses that have been set to music. Most well known is Dear Lord and Father of Mankind. The one I have chosen was the first of his I ever found. I especially like the last verse as in Mission Praise.

7 Brother, Sister let me serve you. I just like the words here. We are all on a journey in this world and God calls on us to share each other’s load.

8 To god be the glory. Do you really need to know why! Well, it’s a good rousing hymn and the Hymn that Children in Distress have chosen as their hymn.

If I could only have one, it would have to be I cannot tell why Heor “Immortal love for ever full (that makes 10 – Eric)

There are, of course, lots more i could choose. We are truly blessed with hymn writers and melody composers. As with many people, I don’t like it when the words are changed, especially for political correctness. Each writer will have thought carefully about the meaning they want to convey and sometimes altering the words changes that and anyone with a grain of intelligence knows that “mankind” means everyone. I also enjoy singing the more “modern” hymns and on any other day, maybe my choice would be different.               Alison

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